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Absolute Hair Clinic is located at 96/39, moo 1, Chalermprakiat Rama 9 Road (By Pass Road to the airport), Kathu, Phuket, Thailand, 83120.
We are situated in the heart of Phuket, near by well-known Tesco Lotus Super Center at Samkong intersection.

Map Absolute Hair Clinic

To get to Absolute Hair Clinic, looking for Tesco Lotus cross from the street to the right hand side, you’ll see the outstanding orange color sign of the clinic. We are located in a three-story shop house building, 4th unit from the left end, on the left-hand side of By Pass road heading to the airport. Parking along the street in front of clinic is permitted.

Before -  After  Strip FUT
Before -  After  doing eyebrow transplant
Before -  After doing mustache transplant
Before -  After  doing hair transplant
Before -  After  doing eyebrow transplant

With patient-friendly environment Absolute Hair Clinic is a private and newly remodeled hair transplantation clinic where the operating room is specially designed for individual purpose. To better accommodate and to help make hair transplantation experience less traumatic for you, we now offer several amenities and features with no extra cost to you. These amenities and features include cable TV, Internet, refreshments, and a private waiting and recovery room. HIV Blood Testing with immediate result from our own lab and pre-op and post-op hair washing in a private hair washing room.

Absolute Hair Clinic is the most comprehensive hair transplant center in our region, providing the highest level of on-site, full-service, and one-stop-location medical hair transplant surgery with consumer-oriented patient care. Our operating room is well equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices. For instance, we use hair transplant surgery lounge chair, Pulse Oximeter, air treatment system, humidifier, UV fluorescence and etc. Surgical instruments used in the operating room are sterilized using Steam Autoclave, a high steam-pressured sterilizing system. We continually update our medical technique and equipment as soon as the technologies become available. Absolute Hair Clinic is a center of excellence in committing to quality and hygiene standards, your safety, and peace of mind while you are a patient with us.

In case of emergency, rarely occur, we can call an ambulance from Phuket International Hospital or Bangkok Hospital, just a few minutes from our office.
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