Hair and Scalp Monitoring System

At Absolute Hair Clinic, we use the advanced hair and scalp monitoring system applying the camera microscope which is the highest resolution USB digital camera version available at 1.3 mega pixels and is very economical. It can capture the best quality images and movies directly to computer at 30x magnification. Take this camera microscope touch it directly onto the scalp or hair, then watch the live color video image on the screen and present it to patient.

Hair and Scalp Monitoring System
Hair and Scalp Monitoring System
Hair and Scalp Monitoring System

  • Measure hair density and hair caliber
  • Compare areas of hair loss to normal areas
  • Compare hair density measurements over time to show slowing or stoppage of hair loss
  • Examine hair shaft and cuticle for physical and chemical damage such as split ends, breaks, bubbles due to heat damage, lifting of cuticle, thinning of cuticle, product build-up, cortex exposure
  • Document hair and scalp conditions and improvement
  • Save or print pictures for patient files and follow-up comparisons
  • See hair follicle condition, such as sebum clogging, closed follicles, damaged follicles, dead skin and oil-clogged follicles
  • See scalp for moisture content, oil content, dead skin, inflammations, dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis
  • See oiliness or dryness of hair
  • See chemical damage due to harsh products and overuse of products
  • See capillaries in scalp for proper circulation
  • Use visual evidence to confirm and reinforce a clinicians evaluation
Compare hair density measurements over time to show progression of treatment.

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